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This section will be updated often, so check back to see our ongoing list of important Experiential Advertising™ events.
Corporate ButtonYou'll also be able to find a list of events where LBB is making a presentation or exhibiting some cutting edge ideas for the future of brand experiences and Experiential Advertising.

  • November 13th - 14th, 2002, Chicago, IL. Corporate Branding 2002.

    The AMA annual program on corporate branding.

    Now, more than ever, a powerful brand separates the winner's from the also-rans. Discover the latest branding trends and strategies. Gain insights from top CEOs and branding experts. Learn proven tactics for branding in a fragile economy. Network with scores of high-level practitioners

  • December 11th - 13th, 2002, Coconut Grove, FL. Brand Masters.

    IIR Brand Masters is a yearly conference focusing on branding and many other branding relating topics.

    Branding is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

    Thomas Edison would have made a great Brand Manager. He understood the importance of both the idea and the management processes in any worthwhile endeavor.

    At Brand Masters, IIR's flagship Brand Marketing event, you'll hear case studies from the thought leaders in branding. We call it "A Practitioners' Forum" because it's designed for the front line troops: the strategists and the implementers.

    Over the past 7 years, since the inception of the Brand Masters event, we have continued to grow and remain adaptive to the demands facing our hundreds of delegates. This year's challenge was our toughest.

    For 2002, our theme is "Brand Elasticity: Achieving Above Average Results in Less Then Average Times". How does a brand strategy designed for 10 years of economic growth and national stability cope with terrorism, corporate scandal and economic pressure? Concepts of "trust" and "responsibility" need to be re-examined if a brand is to maintain the confidence of its customers.

  • March 12th - 14th, 2003, Orlando, FL. The New Rules of Marketing.

    The Promotion Marketing Association annual conference. Engage in two days of high energy, intensive interaction. Discover knowledge and solutions to marketing issues you deal with in the real world. Learn valuable, hands on- how to information you can use right away. Experience "the whole enchilada" for the accomplished professional and the novice - it's what's happening now...everything and everywhere!

    A highlight this year will be the first ever, experiential exhibit area. No more table top displays and draped booths. No more standing behind a table just talking. For the first time, the entire exhibit area will become an experiential environment, one where you will be able to actually do what you do. A POP company will actually show POP displays; a sampling company will actually sample and promotion agencies will be asked to promote.

  • June 2nd - 4th, 2003, Philadelphia, PA. EXP3.

    There are places in every community people are drawn to.

    This place stimulates a connection in the heart and soul of the visitor.

    In a world filled with competition for hearts and minds - consumer-conscience brands, destinations and retailers have realized the importance of creating that sense of place--that experience--and that repeat visitation--is the key to success.

    For the first time, EXP3 will bring together every key segment of the emerging experiential economy to create a single, comprehensive marketplace for advertising agencies, marketing authorities, brand managers, designers, architects, urban planners, retail and financial experts, city planners and developers, systems integrators, museum and science center professionals, producers and creative thinkers of all types.

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