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Check back here as we build the list of resources necessary to create truly exciting Experiential Advertising™ programs!

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  • Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at CMU. We are currently working with the ETC to help commercialize a number of cutting edge technologies that they have developed in their labs. From truly interactive theatre and game experiences, to audioanimatronic characters that actually have a conversation with you, the Entertainment Technology Center is at the forefront of the next generation of storytelling tools.

    In addition, the ETC is always seeking partners for sponsored research projects, so if you are looking for the solution to a specific technology issue as it relates to advertising and storytelling, they are the top facility in the country. Please contact David Polinchock for additional details.

  • Lilo & Stitch Mix Mail. Check out this very cool promotion that was used for Disney's Lilo & Stitch. This is an exciting online music creation system and a great viral experience. In fact, this promotion generated a 20% response rate, a pass-along rate of 10% and an average session time of 21 minutes! Pretty powerful stuff! Please contact David Polinchock for additional details.

  • Corporate ButtonPublished articles:

  • Entertainment Management: Are you Telling a Great Story?
  • Entertainment Management: The Ivy Tower of Entertainment Technology
  • Entertainment Management: Creating the Great, Good Places
  • Entertainment Management: A Short Detour on the Information Highway!
  • Fortune Small Business Article on Naming Your Business: The right moniker can make or break your biz. Just ask the founders of JetBlue.
  • Online Privacy in Pool Online: Pool Online is a business and marketing strategy newsletter published in the UK.
  • Corporate ButtonAdditional articles:

  • Is CRM Destroying CRE?: Is our emphasis on the technology of CRM taking away from real customer service?
  • Creating an Involving Brand Experience: How do you create exciting Customer Relationship Experiences?
  • Everything Old is New Again!: Is privacy really a key issue?
  • What Makes me a Loyal Customer?: A guest point of view by Nora Lee of NoraLee Et al.
  • Corporate ButtonAnd some examples of great brand experiences and general information about the industry:

  • The Experience is the Marketing: The very latest white paper from The Experience Economy authors Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore. For additional information about Pine & Gilmore, click here.
  • The New Heart of Your Brand: Transforming Your Business Through Customer Experience: A very good article about creating brand experiences by Carol Moore from IBM.
  • The Play's The Thing -- Disney + Hasbro = the ultimate toy box: A review of Disney's first co-branded retail venture.
  • Volkswagon's Autostadt: The web site for the new corporate attraction designed by Jack Rouse Associates. For additional information about Jack Rouse & Associates, click here.
  • Brand Channel: An excellent resources for a number of articles about a wide variety of brand issues.
  • Edinburgh Consultancy: An excellent company in Scotland with some very good information and case studies on brand experiences. You should also download an article written by Ian Buxton at Saviour Ticket
  • Brand Experiences on the Rise: A very good article from the February, 2001 issue of Jack Morton's 360 newsletter.
  • SAM Magazine, Logoland Article; A recent article about how brands are using experiences to reach their audiences.
  • Business Week - Xtreme Retailing: An article but good article from Business Week about bringing retail to life by creating experiences.
  • Take a look at the "10 Rules to create and manage experiential brands": In addition to this article, there are several others here by Bernd H. Schmitt, author of Experiential Marketing.
  • Are You Experienced?: An older article from Wired magazine that still has some good information.
  • The Future of Event Marketing: An excellent article about how events are changing and becoming "lifestyle experiences."
  • Brand Equity: An excellent artical from The Economic Times about how more companies are using entertainment to reach their audiences.

    Here are some web sites for both attractions and companies involved in creating brand experiences:

  • NBC Experience: NBC's excellent retail location located at Rockefeller Plaza.
  • Star Trek Experience - Las Vegas: A truly immersive attraction that creates a great brand experience.
  • BRC Imagination Arts: One of the premiere companies in creating location based entertainment and brand experiences.
  • White Hutchinson: An excellent series of articles on a wide range of location based entertainment topics.
  • The Doblin Group: Doblin is an innovation strategy firm focused on inventing a comprehensive, reliable, and repeatable approach to innovation.
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    If you're looking for books to read about brand experience and experiential advertising, check out our resource library.

    Feel free to pass this page along if you think it's helpful!

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