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Corporate ButtonSynthetic Interview. We launched our first Synthetic Interview earlier this year for Court TV and will launch our second later this year. Synthetic Interview (SI) is an interactive and engaging way to both give and collect information from consumers.

Using a video database, SI combines video, audio, text and other multimedia to deliver the brand message and interact with consumers on demand. Guests can use either a drop down menu or natural language search to ask questions and then receive a response from the database. Click here to see a Synthetic Interview for yourself.

Corporate ButtonEmerging Technologies. We continue to work with a number of new technologies that can be used for creating compelling brand experiences and some of the latest include:
  • Mix Mail. Check out this very cool promotion that was used for Disney's Lilo & Stitch. This is an exciting online music creation system and a great viral experience. If you would like some details on results, feel free to give us a call! Pretty powerful stuff! Click here for the Lilo & Stitch Mix Mail.
  • 3D projection technology that allows objects to "float" in space and be seen without the need for glasses. We are currently working with several top companies to test retail applications for these experiences.
  • Laser Sound. Laser sound creates some very cool opportunities to bring sound into the marketing equation in a very dynamic way. The laser-like ultrasonic beam can project audible sound to virtually any listening environment creating many new sound applications previously impossible with existing speaker technology.

    Laser sound works by emitting a beam of high frequency ultrasonic energy which is converted to an audible acoustic wave in mid-air. An important by-product of the technique is that sound may be directed to just about any desired point in the listening environment.

    This provides outstanding flexibility, while allowing an unprecedented manipulation of the sounds source point.

  • Gender recognition and gesture tracking. Working with these technologies will allow you to deliver advertising in a public space to the audience looking at the ads! It also allows them to control the experience simply be moving their hands in space.
  • Corporate ButtonFor those of you who have followed Sydney, she is now 18 months old and just a joy to be with!

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