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Corporate ButtonThis is how it all began -- some pictures from the Experiential Advertising™ work that the CyberEvent Group did back in the early 90's.

A custom experience we developed for Avis and used at travel trade shows around the world. This was in of our shows in Portugal.

More Avis pictures from Portugal.

The largest Experiential Advertising™ project ever using virtual reality, the Cutty Sark Virtual Voyage sailed to bars, nightclubs and events across the country for almost two years.

We won our first Marcom Award for Best Trade Show Exhibit for our Immersive Animation Theatre™ for Cabletron Systems.

We also spent several years on the road opening up Blockbuster Video and Music stores across the country.

CyberEvent Group was the first company to put head-mount display, virtual reality on a Disney property, at Pleasure Island in Orlando.

Click here to see some of our early location based concept work.

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